About the Organisation

Dharohar is the Corporate Responsibility vehicle of the Secure Group

Dharohar focuses on volunteer-led initiatives and believes strongly that their time, experience and dedication bring value for everyone involved in the process., thus going beyond solely the financial aid the company can offer.

Khoj, Dharohar's largest initiative, aims to develop an explorer’s spirit through engaging children in science, and make the learning process fun. They provides mobile, interactive experiment to demonstrate science concepts to students and has 26 such experiments.

Dharohar also runs annual art camps and initiatives for children and adults, regular tree planting initiatives around its factories, issue awareness and leadership development for school students, and many other event based initiatives over the course of the year.


Scope of Work

  • Gathering and collating existing data across all past and present programs and activities

  • Identifying and creating relevant qualitative and quantitative data collection tools for further data collection

  • Conducting workshops for the Secure CSR team on

  • Developing an M&E framework and tools for new projects

  • Conducting qualitative data collection activities, including observations, focus group discussions and interviews

  • Analysing data, and reporting on the findings

  • Providing strategic and programmatic recommendations to the organisation

  • Creating a sustainability self-assessment and plan


Core Support Areas

  • Research + Evaluation

  • Program Review