About the Program

I Love Reading (ILR), Katha’s flagship program, is an innovative reading and school transformation program that runs in Delhi’s Municipal Government schools and surrounding slum communities. It aims to improve the effectiveness of elementary education in the government school system, especially reading skills for children, with a focus on under-served children in Delhi.

Scope of Work

  • Researching gaps within the ILR program and identifying specific need areas of field staff 
  • Developing and conducting a multi-day training focusing on the following: 
    • Engaging students with multiple intelligences and learning styles 
    • Reflecting on and learning from the experiences of the last 6 months
    • Effectively communicating with multiple stakeholders
    • Identifying the different levels of impact that each individual reading mentor can have
    • Documenting and sharing impact with all relevant stakeholders
    • Building motivation within the team


Core Support Areas

  • Capacity Development