About the Organisation

The Lighthouse Project connects working professionals and college students with children from under resourced communities, through one-on-one mentoring in a safe environment. The goal is for the mentors to serve as positive role models for the children, and help develop their life skills and social skills while exposing them to a world outside of their community.



  • Conducting a series of working sessions to identify organization goals and objectives
  • Designing a logical framework for the project, mapping activities to outcomes
  • Conceptualising a learning curriculum for the program, identifying focus areas as well as concrete learning objectives 
  • Creating a guidebook for mentors with detailed, creative activities focused on the following: initiative & self-direction; relationships & collaboration; critical thinking and decision making
  • Creating an M&E Framework
  • Developing data collection and collation tools
  • Providing training on tool use
  • Analysing data and summarising findings and recommendations


  • Framework Design
  • Curriculum Design
  • Monitoring & Evaluation