About the Program

Integrating technology into Katha’s education model creates an enormous opportunity to positively impact the lives of children in a cost-effective way. Last year Katha began a pilot program (KREATE) to bring computer skills training and eLearning to government primary school teachers in Delhi.

The program involves converting Katha’s NCERT-based classroom materials – that have been highly successful with students from under-served, poor communities – into quality e-classroom materials.  Simultaneously, primary school teachers are introduced to the concept of using technology as both a teaching, resources and experience sharing tool.

Scope of Work

  • Creating the logical framework for the project
  • Developing an operational plan for training within Municipal Council of Delhi Schools
  • Deriving modular learning objectives from the project framework
  • Designing training modules and teacher assignments
  • Conducting multiple trainings for Katha Master trainers
  • Mapping resources and processes to guide content development
  • Developing an M&E framework for the project
  • Creating M&E tools to track and measure program indicators

Core Support Areas

  • Framework Design
  • Teacher Training
  • Content Development
  • Monitoring & Evaluation