About the Program

In partnership with TATA Power, Magic Bus expanded their flagship 'Sports for Development' Program into Ville Parle, Bhayander, Vashi Naka and Mankhurd. The program's core objectives include development of positive attitudes in the following fundamental areas: Education; Gender Equality; Health; and Employability Skills. The program aims to help children evolve into confident and competent youth which will  empower them to secure a livelihood of his choice and succeeding in it and thus give them a fair chance of moving out of poverty.

The project began in September 2014, prior to which a baseline was conducted and reported on by Magic Bus. Derived from the data collected in the Baseline, Magic Bus selected key indicators for the projects and set achievement targets for both the Mid-line and End-line. ABC aims to support Magic Bus in conducting the Mid-line Analysis for the project, incorporating both the target baseline indicators as well as an additional set of indicators to measure school engagement and classroom learning. 

Core Support Areas

  • Impact Evaluation
  • Training




Scope of Work

  • Creating data collection and collation tools for conducting a mid-line study
  • Designing and conducting training on evaluation tools, tool use, data collection, data collation
  • Analysing the collected data
  • Presenting findings in the form of a report
  • Providing recommendations for the program