About the Organisation

The UniDEL group traces its history back to the 1900s. UniDEL Ventures has incubated and backed several ventures since 1973- building new age ideas into flourishing businesses through strategic investment and deep operational know how. UniDEL’s disruptive ventures across the industrial, financial & educational segments are designed to re-imagine solutions for current industry challenges.

ProTeen has been created by UniDEL – it is a self-discovery game for teens and is based on their individual aptitudes personalities, multiple intelligences, and interests. It guides high school and college students through the maze of real world career options and helps them to achieve their future goals by making intelligent academic choices today.

Scope of Work

  • Creating a learning framework to identify different types of learning domains

  • Conducting the required research to identify skills required to pursue different careers

  • Ideating creative concepts for educational game content based on the identified skills, within the created framework

  • Creating the game content in draft form so that the technical team can create games for the online platform

Core Support Areas

  • Framework Design
  • Content Development