Meet Upasana and Vivek


This week, ABC welcomes two new employees. Here they describe themselves in their own words.

I am obsessed with elephants and wish to foster one in the future.
— Upasana Hembram

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad and fell in love with Mumbai when I moved here. I took with me several experiences of working with NGOs and social enterprises, who were involved in the education sector in some capacity or the other, along with an electrical engineering degree from IIT Bombay.

After spending the last 3 years dabbling in professions as diverse as an applied physics researcher to assisting an MLA with his constituency development, I've joined ABC, and the fit couldn’t have been more perfect.

I am both a tea and a coffee person, love cats and dogs, like the indoors as well as the outdoors. You can find me cozied up in a corner with a book in hand on a weekend or just not be able to find me because I’m off camping or trekking somewhere.

I am obsessed with elephants and wish to foster one in the future. I also pride myself on being a budget consumer – deals, coupons you name it. I am a DC girl all the way, but if I had to choose between a pepperoni pizza and Batman, I would pick the pizza.

I am a recovering gaming addict and an avid anime enthusiast.
— Vivek Mohan

After floundering for years in the vast ocean of education, getting tangled in every subject from Computer Science to Biology and from Statistics to Population Studies, I decided to take a break from academics to build a career in a field of my own interest.

This led to roles as a teaching assistant-junior research fellow at IIT Bombay and a technical writer in the UNICEF-funded Swabhimaan project at IIPS, Mumbai, and finally, my current engagement as an associate at Aparna Bhasin Consulting.

I am a recovering gaming addict and an avid anime enthusiast.

My other interests, assuming that the aforementioned qualify, include reading, writing appalling stories, and the occasional dabbling in modern art, because that’s what they ultimately turn out to be.

I am not, however much I may bear a resemblance, to be mistaken with any creature that spends its time cooped up in tiny dark places. I do enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors, and sports like wrestling and rugby fascinate me.

However, knowing fully well that I would mostly be at the receiving end, I prefer to stick to less risky ventures such as badminton, cricket, football and carom as my choice of extra-curricular activities.

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